Companies of all 大小s and in all industries have countless opportunities to apply for awards each year. Winning an award can set your company apart from the competition and aid in recruiting top talent and highly desired 客户. 奖励项目可以是本地的, 区域, 国家, 或国际, 资格可以根据地点而定, 大小, 行业, 等.. 你们公司的财务状况如何, how much your team enjoys working for your organization, 你的产品运行情况如何, and your involvement in the community are just a few well-known categories.

获奖项目的竞争可能会非常激烈. Follow these four tips to identify the right programs for your company and stand out from the crowd in your application.


You should approach any award program with a goal that extends beyond the temporary thrill of winning. Before you begin researching award programs, identify your long-term goals. Would you like to showcase your company’s culture to a broader audience of prospective employees in your region? Perhaps a prestigious 行业 award would help you attract more investors. Maybe an award for your company’s steady financial growth would provide the validation your sales team needs to continue bringing in bigger and better deals. Clarify your motivation now so you can focus on the right programs later.


Many organizations that offer award programs have a detailed information on their websites. 行业组织, 媒体, and 贸易 shows typically offer several opportunities throughout the year. If the information you need is not easily accessible on the website, reach out to the organization directly on a listed email address or through a contact form. Information you need to know includes: application deadline, 申请费, 提交指南, and award announcement date (helpful tip: create a calendar of application and announcement deadlines so you never miss one). This information can serve to qualify or disqualify your interest in applying for the award.

It’s also helpful to research past winners to see what kinds of details will bolster your application. Even if the previous winners seem more qualified than your company, (除非是严格的财务指南), keep in mind that it every year’s applicant pool varies and you can’t win if you don’t submit an application.


All applications have different requirements, even if it’s for the same type of award. Some award programs require employees to complete surveys through a third-party administrator; other programs require photos of your company’s accomplishments or financial information from several previous years. Making note of these requirements and proactively preparing for your submission throughout the year, rather than undergoing a mad dash the week before the application deadline, 能让整个申请过程不那么令人生畏吗.

If your goal is to highlight your company’s involvement in the community, maintain a list of events you participate in throughout the year, 多拍些照片, and keep notes about your level of involvement (volunteer time donated, 募集的资金, 等.). 另外, 如果你的目的是显示经济实力或增长, 编制相关文件, 比如纳税表格和P&L statements for easy reference when it’s time to submit your application. For awards that honor company culture and employee satisfaction, be sure to have an up-to-date list of employee names and email addresses, as well as information on perks and benefits your staff enjoys.


你获奖了? 祝贺你! Don’t just display your trophy or certificate in your office; think about how to communicate the award to your employees, 客户, 和社区.

In addition to notifying your team and sharing the news on your company’s website and social media, 你是否应该写一份新闻稿通知当地, 贸易, 或者国家媒体对你的认可? 这是理想, but keep in mind that many publication-based awards (especially those from local outlets) won’t be covered by other local or 区域 publications. 然而, your local and 贸易 publications might be interested in major 国家 award wins, 像公司. 5000. The awarding organization may provide a press release template as a courtesy, which you can customize to reflect your company’s message. Ask your contact if there is an embargo on sharing the news; sometimes an awarding organization will request winners to refrain from publicly sharing the news of the award until an official announcement date.

除了媒体宣传你的获奖, look for ways to leverage the award to place yourself ahead of the pack in the hiring game. Potential employees appreciate knowing a company they’re interested in has great perks, 成功的记录, 快乐的员工. Ask if the awarding organization can provide a graphic that you can add to your website, 广告, 和担保材料. 另外, awards for the quality of your company’s product or service can be a great tool for your sales team; provide them with assets about the award, 比如电子邮件通讯或简报, 与现有和潜在客户分享.

Award opportunities are available year-round, and new opportunities arise each year. Keep your eyes open and on the prize to maximize your company’s award strategy.